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Somebody wants your online auction collectibles. Whether it's that golden oldie record album, those antique stoneware crocks, the giant human skeletons you found on your camping trip last year, or tires and rims at wholesale prices. You can even find a rich resource of photographs and information. To discover pictures of egyptian mummies and ancient egypt pictures, check below for the Egyptian antiquities link. For information and links to the unusual collectibles, you may find translations to Romeo and Juliet in modern english or track down a cool msn name. Because all good sellers of the online auction collectibles highlight their offerings with images, you can often see the inexplicable from tribal tattoos pictures to prom hair styles pics and even animated aim icons. There may be additional data like information about dolphins, the Huns yellow pages, or a fishing and lost at sea guestbook. Eventually, everything shows up on the marketplace, so look for watercolor artists index and reverse white pages and don't be surprised to find things like april fool jokes pranks or free search engines people, including special links to providers of such entertainment as Yahoo games. For sellers of auction Ebay collectables there are no limits, other than good taste and the law, just study the E bay auction descriptions with care.

At the weekend flea market, it's the early bird that gets the collectible worm, but on online auctions it's the frequent visitor who finds the treasure first. And with the Ebay online auction site Buy It Now feature, it's first come, first served.

For a newcomer to the online auctions, the process can be intimidating. But if you follow some common sense procedures, you'll survive and become an old pro in no time. 15hqqp.

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Fourteen Common Sense Rules of Online Auctions

1. Accept as many kinds of payments as you can: personal checks, cashiers checks, domestic and international money orders, Paypal, international bank transfers. Check with your banker or business development consultant on these.

2. Don't refuse buyers from foreign countries or with free email accounts like Yahoo mail or Aol mail. Keep your politics and personal grudges at home, not in the store. Otherwise, even your fellow countrymen will be turned off.

3. Don't fill your ads with anger and false suppositions. Just because you had a bad experience with one buyer, it doesn't mean you have to threaten everybody in advance. Buyers will avoid you like the plague.

4. Keep your ad simple. If you confuse your buyer, he will either avoid you, or issue you bad feedback for promising something you never actually promised.

5. Don't charge excessive postage. Buyers know when you're trying to make up for a low starting bid by padding your postage demands.

6. State the facts, all the facts. Don't tell your customer, you'll figure out later what the postage is. Tell them now, how much you charge to each region of the world and for what class of postage.

7. Don't discriminate against buyers who do not have perfect feedback. Sometimes they just got a raw deal. If your procedures are good (like waiting two weeks for a personal check to clear), then there is no need to sneer at people whose reputation might have been damaged by a bad apple. Someday it may happen to you also.

8. Show many pictures, clear and crisp and big of your collectible for sale. If you don't want to pay the online auctions site for use of their web space, then use your free server web space to store your pictures. People make critical decisions based on what they can see, and this is the simplest and cheapest health insurance for your business. You will thrive!

9. Show a picture of yourself. People trust you then.

10. Offer a money back guarantee if at all possible. Be prepared to take a loss on small items. You will encounter far more serious buyers who never ask for their money back, than people who are trying to cheat you.

11. Issue feedback in the correct sequence. When the buyer pays you and his payment is good, then you must issue his positive feedback promptly. Some sellers hold back on the feedback because they are afraid the buyer could issue them negative feedback first. By not giving feedback right away, the seller is in a position to get revenge and he loses repeat sales.

12. If you must issue negative feedback, be brief, calm and state only the facts. Future buyers will read the comments concerning the sale and they will see you as mature and truthful. But if you swear or engage in name-calling, then you will be seen as immature and emotional and this scares off potential buyers.

13. Be prepared to take a loss to make the buyer happy. If the buyer didn't get his product, even though he chose not to pay for insured mail, be prepared to give him his money back. You will get more honest buyers and repeat buyers, than you will ever encounter cheats.

14. Be friendly when the buyer is receptive. Some buyers only want you to send them the bill, without excessive talking.

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